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Admissions open on
2015 – 2016.

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All Alumni Association of Lowry Adventist College are welcome.

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mission and objective


Lowry Adventist College is committed to excellence in higher education. Therefore, it seeks to provide an optimal environment in which the faculty and the student can mutually search for, assess and acquire the knowledge, skills, virtues and understanding necessary for a lifetime of education, service and leadership.  In so doing, it seeks to further, both directly and indirectly, God's cause in the world.

It seeks to provide higher education to those who wish to study within the context of a holistic educational philosophy as defined by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Our Corporate responsibilities to:

  • The Church: is to provide Christian leadership.
  • The Public: is to develop dynamic, business entrepreneurs, social leaders, scientists and innovators in all fields.
  • The Students: is to build and integrated, wholesome environment that is conducive to developing balanced human relations, stable emotional personalities and strong ethical convections.
  • The Faculty: is to offer an environment where creative and academic skills can be enhanced and to provide remuneration consummate with their ranks as per policy.

Reflecting our best knowledge about learning process, we shall endeavor to prepare competent changes.


Lowry Adventist College, through is curriculum, programs, Christian environment and co-curricular activities, intends to accomplish the following objectives.

  1. Broaden the knowledge of God as:
    • Creation and Sustainer of all things.
    • Restorer of humanity.
  2. Instill Christian moral values.
  3. Share Adventist legacy and promote its lifestyle with its ethical, social and cultural implications.
  4. Respect human beings without discrimination.
  5. Increase understanding of basic principles and concepts of science (natural and social), arts and humanities.
  6. Deepen knowledge and master skills in the chosen field of study.
  7. Develop critical thinking.
  8. Inculcate in the minds of the students to be a patriotic citizen.
  9. Function as effective agents of change in their work setting in order
    to continually adopt services and programs to changing needs, expectations, resources and opportunities.
  10. Attain 100% self-sufficiency in college finances by the year 2007.